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Unsubscribe from Uber emails. In your inbox! I'm not likely to eat with Uber Eats...

In your mailbox! In my mailbox actually! I just took a look in my mailbox. And I found this email from our friends (huhu) at Uber Eats.

Subject: -80% on your first order with Uber Eats
Sender: Uber

A little long this scroll?

Well, I jumped on this email, because without you tell my life storythere is little chance that the little town of 3208 inhabitants (let's be precise) in which I live will one day be served by Uber (Eats).

Also, as an Uber customer ... I have a little trouble seeing the legitimacy of this email. I'm an Uber customer, not an Uber Eats customer. And I'm pretty sure I never gave consent to Uber Eats.

By the way, my last ride with Uber was on February 4, 2020 (did I ever tell you I live in the country?). I am inactiveI'm very inactive, so they better not contact me.

My first reaction

Which is certainly not everyone's reaction. I have a bias, a big bias, I am in the email marketing business.

So, my first reaction is to go to the very bottom of the email, and say, "Is it simple to unsubscribe?"

So I go there (at the bottom of the email), and this is what I find:

First of all, I don't find it very aesthetic. We have seen footers much better organized and welcoming.

Then, it's in English... while the rest of the email is in French... But I still find something interesting, a link to "Email Preferences". And then I think: "Ok, maybe they invested in a preference centerThat's cool! I click and there :

But no!

Well, I'm logging in.

And here is what I find:

I decided to make you scroll today 🙂

The Preference Center

So I find a huge Preference Center as long as the arm. Complete, very complete, too complete. And indeed, while I am only a modest Uber user (2 rides in the last 5 years), I am automatically subscribed to the communication of all the brands of the group. Even to Postmates which is not available in Europe.

Coming back to the Preference Center, being less sarcastic, it seems to me that it lacks at least 2 major features:

  • Unsubscribe from marketing messages with one click : When you go to a Preference Center instead of clicking on an unsubscribe link, it's because you want to have the choice. For my part, I don't rule out using Uber again one day. But clearly, I neither want nor need to receive their marketing messages. On the other hand, playing the game of 7 mistakes for 5 minutes to select the right boxes, no thanks.
  • To manage the frequency of sending emails For me, this should be the big alternative to unsubscribing (not for lack of repeating it for many years). If I get fed up, if I click on your unsubscribe link, perhaps that I might be tempted by the reduction of the frequency of sending. For example, select an option to receive maximum one marketing communication per month.

Frequency of sending

In the last 12 months, I've received about 50 emails from Uber.

It's too much. It's way too much. I even wonder how it is possible for such an important and "modern" company to have this kind of practices. With sometimes successive re-launches. Even though I haven't opened ANY emails from Uber in 2021. And I'm not even talking about theecological impact.

The email inactivity management Is ESSENTIAL (yes, I want to scream here 🙂 ). Scale back your communication when people aren't listening to you.


Uber has my mailing address (I went to check). The first Uber Eats city is 25 minutes away (and they don't go to my house) and the first Uber city is 50 minutes away (hello Toulouse). My frequency of use is once every two or three years... So I should have been there forever in a USELESS_TO_CONTACT segment. That's it.

Content of the email: The header

Having criticized the targeting, let's come to what is proposed to me in the message.

So the subject line was: -80% on your first order with Uber Eats

I admit, it's simple, effective, and tempting. On the other hand, it plays exclusively on a value and price argument. But as usual.

We have a hidden" pre-header (which can be seen in the email list, but is not present in the body of the message) : Use it whenever you want.

That's a good point, it shows that they are still pro on the email production.

At the opening we have a black logo on a white background. It's not very creative, but it does the job 😉

Content of the email: the content


It's beautiful, it's classy, it's well executed. But it is DECEPTIVE !!!!!

In the subject line it says "80% discount". In the title it says "up to 80%". But no! If I opened (it's not for me, it's for a friend), it's because it was 80%. Not 20%, not 40%, not 60%, but 80%. You've got to be kidding me. I can't believe this. (can you feel it rising?)

Plus, I'm hungry now!

Otherwise, even if it's beautiful and it makes you hungry, they still manage to offer me restaurants 5h30 away from my home by TGV. Maybe the next time I go to Paris (but in May, at theEMDAYI'll have something to eat 😉 ). Who knows, in two years.

Well, the text and buttons embedded in a big image with visuals, we saw better in 2022. It's not like theweb and email accessibility was not a subject.

Finally, unsubscribe from Uber emails

Otherwise, I still ended up unsubscribing from Uber emails. Goodbye Uber.

And there, a last little tear of blood. "10 days! 10 days can be necessary to process a request to unsubscribe ?

Update April 17, 2023:

14 months later, I'm still not unsubscribed from Uber emails

And yes, it's already been 14 months since I took the pen to write this beautiful article! And 14 months after unsubscribing from uber emails, I still receive emails from Uber and Uber Eats.

As a result! I take the opportunity to optimize the vocabulary of this article to better position it on the terms "unsubscribe emails uber". I also take the opportunity to unsubscribe from their emails again. See you in a few months to see if I still receive emails from Uber. You have to hold on!

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