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Teambuilding 2021 retrospective

BadTeam Gathering!

A few days ago, our crazy team got together for a little TeamBuilding, all cute and cuddly. Some of our readers already know that we are spread all over France (and even more) and we don't often have the opportunity to see each other in 3D. Obviously, in this situation, we are impatient as the reunion approaches. It's pacing, it's running around, it's impossible to keep up!


Departure : Carcassonne ; Bordeaux ; Privas ; Agen ; Brussels ; Trifouilli les oies...
Arrival: The Rosembois farmin Fournes-en-Weppes

With my dear Marion, we planned everything: the routes (in real life, that's Jonathan), the place, the date - we didn't leave them any choice, it's much more efficient ^^ - and even the theme of the meetings. We, control freaks?! Not at all.
We opted for a family atmosphere at the Rosembois gîte, run by Marion's parents. Everything we needed to feel at home, to be able to work quietly, and to have a raclette (or not).

Work hard

During these few intensive days, we discussed many topics, each one as important and urgent as the other (a tribute to the manitou of Notion, the well-named Zitoune). The next updates of our builder LePatronWe talked about the agency's services to be developed, our marketing actions, our hopes for the future and our desire to maintain the course towards a greener and more eco-responsible emailing world. The production team obviously talked about coding, R&D, versioning, all that, but I didn't understand anything... except a story about carousel available on LePatron ! Stay tuned.

Play hard

This year, we welcomed Solène, Pierre and Olivier for their first participation. We stayed ourselves and it didn't seem to scare them, strange. Because when we haven't seen each other for months, we don't only talk about work, we also have fun. Thanks to Pierre, we were able to play Blanc-Manger-Coco (ah bah no). Fab and I were very efficient at Code Name, connected team! I beat Thomas at ping-pong and Marion at table soccer. Greg and Pierre took our portraits, easy since we are all exceptional models. Seb treated us to some amazing cookies. And some of us have been doing the world again until noon with Jon.

After a few beers (I promise, we were good) and a couple of sausages, it was already time to say goodbye. We are now thinking about our next reunion, it seems that it's like that when we are well surrounded: we don't see the time passing and we plan the next steps as soon as we get back.
And a little birdie tells me that the next TeamBuilding won't take 1 year 😉

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3 réponses

  1. A very intense few days and a heartwarming reunion!!!
    We worked really well, while enjoying some local products!
    The welcome at the top 🙂

  2. As the saying goes, "There is strength in numbers" and it's good to get together!
    We were able to spend time exchanging our views and methods... and also share some moments of life.
    In short, do it again 😉

  3. Whaaaaaat? Did you beat me at ping-pong? They call me "Secretary" in case you don't know! (I suddenly feel doubtful...) Well, if I were you, I wouldn't bring her back! Huh!

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