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Digitaleo: 19th tool to enter our benchmark and the 1st to be 100% focused on local marketing.


On Monday afternoon, I spoke with Gérald Levasseur who works at Digitaleo, a tool specialized in local marketing. He presented me his solution.

Digitaleo offers a tool for brands and networks to manage all local communication actions.

Digitaleo was created in 2003. Today, the company has 60 employees. A very large part of the team is based in Rennes. There are 2 in Paris. Among the 60 employees, 1/3 are developers.

Today, 4,000 brands and 25,000 points of sale use Digitaleo. Among them, retailers, retail chains, real estate agencies, banking agencies... In short, any activity that has a strong local presence !

Among the eCRM channels, Digitaleo manages email, SMS, voice messages on answering machines, mail, but also everything that is print/pdf, such as in-store advertising, advertising on bus shelters...

How was Digitaleo born?

In our training/coaching course "Choosing a campaign management toolI often say that it is important to know the DNA of the providers you have shortlisted. Why? Because in general, their DNA sums up their leitmotiv, what drives them every day, where they want to invest their time and money. If this DNA corresponds to your main need, then there is a good chance that the collaboration will be a good one.

Digitaleo's leitmotiv is to simplify/vulgarize as much as possible the marketing functionalities (local) so that local businesses can easily communicate with their customers.

For the record, Digitaleo's first customer was a garage owner for whom they set up an SMS application that allowed him to notify his customers as soon as their vehicle was ready. The garage owner wanted to fluidify the arrival of his customers to avoid a rush at the end of the day.

Today, Digitaleo offers a tool that allows each store manager, agency manager, dealership manager... to communicate with their customers through email, SMS, voice message, mail, print/pdf. And therefore to do local marketing!

Nationally driven content to facilitate local ownership and marketing

How does it work?

Digitaleo is also made available to head office marketing teams. They will provide a 'communication kit to be customized' to all or part of their network. In this communication kit, we will find print/pdf displays in store, as well as email templates to deploy.

The local team will take the communication kit and customize it for their local needs. For this, they have a drag and drop CMS to create/modify emails but also landing pages and forms.

National and local will share the same mailing schedule. The head office will enter the campaigns sent by the national office. The local teams will therefore be able to have a vision of the commercial pressure already exerted on their target and adapt their communication and their sending day according to this.

Campaign statistics are available and visible to each store manager. The same campaign statistics are also visible to the national team with a view broken down by store.

A database rental option available for prospecting

Digitaleo is connected to file brokers that collect 47 million opt-in email addresses. Digitaleo's customers can select classic criteria such as postal code, age, civility, but also more precise criteria such as type of housing or consumption.

The roadmap for the next few months at Digitaleo

In June, Digitaleo joined the Presence Management in order to manage the visibility of stores on search engines (multi-diffusion management + stats per mag) and other marketing acquisition channels are planned!

If you want to know more about Digitaleo, please contact us. And if you wish to benefit from our training/coaching on "Choosing a campaign management tool", it's here ????
This training course aims to teach you how to write specifications, to understand the different players in the marketing campaign management market as well as the strong points of the tools. The practical exercises will allow you to build step by step your specifications, your evaluation grid and to select the most relevant actors for you.

Here is the program: 

- Presentation of the campaign management tools ecosystem
- The steps to choose a tool without making a mistake, the specifications, the evaluation grid

For the points below, we'll look at 3 things: your needs, the translation of your needs into the tools, and the limitations (or not) of the tools: Your needs in :

  • Rights management / distributed marketing
  • Data / scoring/ AI / segmentation / dataviz
  • Email creation / CMS / WYSIWYG
  • Campaign activation / A/B testing / AI
  • Scenarios / automated marketing
  • Commercial pressure
  • Statistics / Performance measurement
  • Deliverability

    - Non-functional but very important criteria
    - Business models and other tariffs

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