Best of email marketing- March 2020

We now know how to target only Yahoo and AOL for CSS styles

Mark Robbinsalthough having left RebelMail and joined the group SalesforceHe continues to test, to experiment, to innovate, again and again! The latest find is to target only Yahoo and Aol to apply CSS styles. The solution was brought up via the site the value of a CSS property can be enclosed in CSS comments and Yahoo and Aol will convert them into uncommented values (In other words, the CSS comments are deleted, but not the content... Ooh, the rascals!) Thus, the following code :

	background:/* red */;
	font-size: /* 50px */;
	color: /* white */;

will be converted as follows:

	background:red ;
	font-size:  50px ;
	color:  white ;

And it works on "online" styles too, folks! Go to the website to discover the tip and many others, and target the email clients that give you the most trouble!

More about the "Hotspots

During the month of February, Litmus sent out the usual "Litmus News to its subscribers. In the latter, a very special technology has been developed on an element of the email, giving the possibility to hover over the "+" elements above a visual. When hovering, small additional indications appear, a bit like a "tooltip". Hop.

Litmus called this feature "hotspots", and it didn't take much more than that for subscriber requests to flood in so that the design methodology could be revealed to achieve such an effect, you guessed it! Good news, lucky guys: The world player of email preview has decided to share it with you through a huge articlewhere everything is detailed with meticulousness, from support to fallback, including the implementation of the code. Bravo !

March, the month of the woman

I think it's a strange idea to dedicate only one month of the year to women: my wife is by my side 365 days a year, 12 months of the year, and I don't devote myself to her only one month a year, I support her and she supports me 24/24h... But so be it! Chamaileon and Mailcon took the opportunity to highlight 10 and 8 influential women in the email marketing world respectively. Given that 3 women appear in these two lists, we have a total of (10-3)+8=15 ladies to discover!

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

Jenna Tiffany, Kait Creamer, Val Geisler, Jaina Mistry... Their names may not ring a bell, but they're real rockstars! You'll learn e-nor-mentally by following their posts, advice, tips and tricks, articles! We could also have added Alice Li, Justine Jordan, Anne Tomlin, Camille Palu... Women, I love you!

Finally a site where you can find perfect pieces of code!

Mark Robbins (him again, and you haven't heard the last of it) put online at the beginning of March a site soberly entitled " Good email code" . The goal: to share some code, and explain the choices of coding methods. The guy, in addition to being smart, shows modesty by reminding that there are probably a lot of spelling mistakes in the site because he is dyslexic... My God (Mark Robbins)It's so annoying!

So you can simply copy and paste some code, and pump it all in to use it your way. Or you can also, out of respect, take the time to read and discover the explanations, to learn how to better code an email in HTML. Because we're talking about the guy who finds crazy innovations in email marketing, who revealed the problem of accessibility in email marketing, who gives conferences all over the place... Of course, this is a way of coding like any other: some developers might not agree with this or that way of doing things... But honestly, who would question God?

And we will not be able to escape it...

Like me, you are probably more than tired of reading this word... Coronavirus. COVID-19. But be careful, this is not a vague article about COVID-19, but the words of real experts on email marketing during the coronavirus crisis. These email marketing pros (including Matthew Vernhout from Validity, Simon Bressier, head of deliverability at Mailjet, John Thies, CEO and co-founder of EmailonAcid, Kate Nowrouzi, VP of deliverability at Mailgun...) give us their impressions, their advice and recommendations for communication (or not) at best on this damn virus...

And when you see the wave of emails that you must have received from your suppliers, customers, friends, work, family, or even from the garage where you had your car serviced three years ago, one can say that many people should read the entire article!

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  1. It's a great idea to make a "best of" article, it allows you to discover news if you missed it. The target of yahoo and aol for example, I had zapped ! Thanks a lot !

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