What articles published in 2019 have been most read on Badsender?

At the end of the year, we rarely have time to write a lot of stuff (especially since we gave our all for the 24 days of the email)so we do retrospectives!

2019 was a prolific year in terms of the number of articles written on the Badsender blogWith just under a hundred articles since January, we are well ahead of 2018 (not even 50...). In 2020 we will have to try 2 articles per week, that would be really good!

Top 5 items of 2019

1. Why test the deliverability of your emails before sending them?

By Sébastien Fischer

Since I have been doing training on deliverabilityThere is always a part that is rarely done by my marketing friends... Testing your e-mail before sending it to your subscribers. If some clearly don't have the time to do it, others would like to do it but don't know what to test... Hence this article!

2. AMP for Email: Interactive emails are coming to Gmail and soon to Yahoo, Outlook.com and Mail.ru

By Jonathan Loriaux

It's already been more than a year since Google announced the arrival of AMP in emails (this was in February 2018 in Amsterdam)... and this is a subject we haven't discussed much on Badsender since then. In view of the latest developments, it was time to correct this injustice (well, that's a matter of opinion ????).

3. Accessibility and emails: make your campaigns more accessible

By Thomas Defossez

I must confess one thing, it shocks me to talk about trends when we talk about accessibility. Accessibility is a must. Paul Airy as well as Litmus had reminded us well in 2017.

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

"Doing nothing is not an option. Email accessibility is our job." Paul Airy

And pioneers like EmailOnAcid were already talking about this topic two years ago.

4. How (and when) to contact Microsoft Hotmail when you have a deliverability problem?

By Jonathan Loriaux

If you're here... It's probably because there's something wrong with your campaigns sent to (non-exhaustive list) : hotmail.com, hotmail.fr, outlook.com, outlook.fr, msn.com, hotmail.co.uk, live.com, live.fr, passport.com, passport.net... And many more.

5. I'd do a re-launch of the non-opener email, what do you think?

By Marion Duchatelet

  • "I'd do an email re-launch on non-openers, what do you think?"
  • "Huuuummm... on the openers instead, right?"
  • "Ah well no, I'll route to too small a target..."

Here is a conversation we have regularly with our clients and on which we take the time to explain our point of view.

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