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News flash: Mapp acquires Webtrekk, a marketing analytics and customer intelligence solution


This April 30, 2019, Mapp Cloud, announced the acquisition of German Webtrekk. Mapp (a Teradata marketing solutions company) currently has two main modules in its marketing cloud:

  • Mapp Acquire: DMP solution whose objective is the acquisition of new customers via advertising targeting using first-party data, look-a-like audiences, ...
  • Mapp Engage : eCRM campaign management solution (which you can also find in the benchmark of eCRM solutions of Badsender)

The acquisition of Webtrekk is an opportunity for Mapp to equip itself with a new solution that will be called "Mapp Intelligence" and will aim to obtain a unified view of customers, prospects and anonymous identifiers in order to benefit from better customer knowledge, generate predictive analysis, perform cross-channel reporting, product recommendation, ...

"Mapp has mastered customer acquisition and engagement and we introduced the notion of customer data unification a year ago with the release of our CDP offering. To enable marketers to truly transform data into insights and action, it is necessary to leverage the strong capabilities of customer intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are excited to welcome Webtrekk to the Mapp family and believe Webtrekk perfectly complements our offering and our vision of how marketers can fully leverage its new capabilities. " - Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp.

More info in the press release distributed by Mapp.

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