Deliverability: AOL's postmaster page is dead, long live Verizon!

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If you follow a bit the news about deliverability (and tech groups in the US), you probably know that AOL and Yahoo! are now united under the OATH label. When you say merger, you say pooling of technical infrastructures, so a little more than a year ago the deliverability infrastructures of AOL and Yahoo! started to get closer (or rather, AOL email addresses have been migrated to Yahoo! email infrastructure).

Since a few days, (which was a precursor in postmaster interfaces) redirects to In a blog post "Verizon Postmaster" reads "we are one step closer to our goal of a new postmaster site which supports all our consumer brands: Yahoo, AOL and Verizon.

On this last statement, if the postmaster sites of AOL and Verizon are now well in the same place, it is not yet the same for Yahoo! since the postmaster interface of the latter is still well available at the following address

By the way, for any request related to delivery problems, FBLs implementation or Abuse service, Yahoo! forms should be used for the moment if it concerns Yahoo! or AOL domains.

There will probably be more movement in the next few weeks/months, we'll try to keep you informed when it happens. In the meantime, feel free to follow these two blogs:

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