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Newsflash: Sendinblue completes growth deal by acquiring German company Newsletter2Go


Sendinblue announced this January 31, 2019 the acquisition of its German competitor Newsletter 2Go. According to the company's press release, the acquisition is aimed at maintaining the email and SMS platform's triple-digit growth. Together, the two companies represent 80,000 customers in 160 countries and over 250 employees.

This acquisition seems logical if we compare the type of customer of both structures, essentially SMEs, as well as the functional perimeter. It comes only a few days after the announcement of another French merger between Dolist and Emailstrategie (see our brief on the subject).

"With the RGPD, Europe has demonstrated that it is capable of taking the lead on digital issues. We are part of this ambition and intend to build the first European marketing giant that respects citizens' privacy. The new Franco-Alliance becomes the first choice alternative to solutions hosted on other continents, for companies concerned about the privacy of their data." - Armand Thiberge, founder of Sendinblue, from the press release.

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