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Newsflash - Return Path and 8Seconds partner


The partnership between Return Path and 8Seconds allows to offer multivariate email testing and boost ROI.

The 8Seconds solution provides real-time content optimization to increase click-through rates and maximize email revenue.

Data solutions provider Return Path today announced a new multivariate testing solution powered by European email optimization leader 8Seconds.
This solution allows marketers to quickly and efficiently identify which emails are performing better, improving their performance and generating more revenue from the email channel.

Content marketing is known to improve untested content. But many marketers don't test because of the time, expense and complexity of traditional testing methods. Return Path and 8Seconds' multivariate testing solution offers an automated way to test multiple combinations simultaneously.

When an email is sent, the initial recipients are shown different versions of the email to collect engagement data based on opens and clicks. Once there is enough data to determine a "winner," that optimized version is automatically displayed to the remaining recipients when they open. On average, the email containing the optimized combination gets higher 200% performance.

A few words from Daniel Incandela, CMO at Return Path.

"Marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve subscriber engagement and increase revenue from their email marketing program. Multivariate testing offers a way to optimize emails in real time based on subscriber response. In addition, webmails are working harder than ever to deliver only the messages that users really want. Increased opens and clicks provide positive engagement signals that webmails look for, so optimizing email content can also improve inbox placement."

All elements can be tested, including header and body images, calls to action, banners, logos, buttons and more. Tests performed for email can also be used to optimize other channels, such as websites, landing pages, banners and offline communications.
The solution is platform neutral, so it works perfectly with any email service provider.

A few words from Basile Fattal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 8Seconds.

"While contextual content and personalization improve the relevance of an email, effective testing can significantly improve the response rate and ROI of an email campaign. Traditional testing methods, such as A/B testing, are often costly, complex and slow to produce meaningful results. Our technology allows marketers to easily test and adapt their email campaigns in real time, so they can see immediate benefits."

About 8Seconds
8Seconds is developing algorithmic and context-driven content optimization tools to increase engagement and conversation performance for responders.
8Seconds has quickly become the world leader in real-time email optimization due to its focus and dedication to the email channel.

About Return Path
Return Path analyzes the world's largest collection of email data to show companies how to stay connected to their audience and strengthen customer engagement. Their solutions help analysts understand consumer behavior and market trends.

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