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Workshop/P'tit déj' emailing in Toulouse on March 30, 2017: Tips, tricks and news of email marketing!


For the past two or three years, emailing has been making a strong comeback in the marketing mix of many advertisers! So we decided to design an event straddling the workshop and training (but with croissants) to present the latest news from the world of email marketing, developments, tips and tricks.

This workshop (we still need to find a name for it, we thought of Badbreakfast, but it probably doesn't make sense 🙂 ) will be held for the first time in Toulousebut we plan to tour it in France in the next few months. The other places already planned (dates to be defined) are Montpellier, Paris and Lille.

On the agenda of our workshop/training/breakfast:

  • Email marketing, if there were only 20 basic rules to remember. Back to basics!
  • Emailing and eCRM strategy, what impact does the convergence of channels have, what technologies to keep an eye on.
  • Email deliverability, the basic principles to avoid spam and the latest developments in recent months.
  • Html integration for email, what are the latest innovations and what are the weak points.

The speaker

Jonathan Loriaux founded the blog in 2010. At the time, it was about talking about good and bad practices in email marketing (hence the name Badsender), analyzing strategies of major brands using email marketing, explaining deliverability ... in 2013, the blog was added a consulting activity when Jonathan became an independent consultant. Today, if the blog remains the most visible part, Badsender has turned into a complete email marketing agency. Its activity is concentrated around 3 poles: consulting, deployment and full-service production. In addition to Jonathan, 3 other partners have joined the project: Marion in Carcassonne, Grégory in Brussels and Olivier in Lille.

In practice

Where? The Quai canteen / 39, Allée Jules Guesdes, 31000 Toulouse

When? Thursday, March 30, 2017. Welcome starting at 9:00 am and workshop starts at 9:30 am until 11:30 am.

How do you do it? The workshop is totally free (breakfast is provided). Just come with your good mood and your questions!

Who is it? Whether you are an agency, a student or an advertiser, everyone will be welcomed with open arms.

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