SendGrid releases its Global Email Benchmark Report


In just a few years, SendGrid has become one of the world's leading email routers. It is estimated that the platform sends almost 1 billion emails a day, a great opportunity to use the data collected to create a new marketing tool. benchmark newsletterSendGrid did not hesitate to do so.

This benchmark is based on a sample of 30 billion emails sent by about 100,000 different senders to 1.5 billion different recipients. While the sample represents about 30 days of SendGrid's traffic, we unfortunately do not have information about the period during which the data was collected, which can have a significant impact in some sectors. On the other hand, SendGrid operates for clients all over the world, but a large portion of the business is likely to be located in the United States, so keep that in mind when using the data.

Performance by industry

This is the basis of the benchmark, we have no less than 25 business sectors represented. For each sector of activity we find an indication of the gender of the recipient (male/female), the type of device used for the consultation (mobile or desktop), the open rate, the click rate, the reactivity rate (clickers over openers) and the number of mailings per month per recipient.


Regarding the gender of recipients, it is not surprising that women are over-represented in the eCommerce, health/sports and daily deals sectors. More surprisingly, it's in the mobile applications sector, but it all depends on the clients that SendGrid has in this field. Men are over represented in financial services and politics/activism.

More interesting is the split between email viewing on desktop and mobile devices. The best performance of mobile is found in emails sent by the health and sports sector, travel, real estate and retail. Government agencies and political and activist organizations, on the other hand, are clearly lagging behind.


In terms of opening rates, mobile applications are the best performers. Retail, real estate, technology and travel are also very well placed around 40%. On the other hand, the insurance sector seems to be suffering, as well as the daily deals sector. Below 10%, things are not going well.

On email click-through rates, it's retail that crushes everything (at least retail at SendGrid) with nearly 30% (yes, that seems a bit too huge for me at the moment), followed by mobile apps and real estate.

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In terms of marketing pressure, eCommerce was measured as sending an average of 18.3 emails per month, far more than Daily deals and the dating sector which hover around 14. The least invasive is the entertainment sector with only 2.9 emails per month.

It is a pity not to have a view of some of these results broken down by country, this would have brought a major added value to the benchmark.

Email consumption behavior in different countries

Although the performance stats were not processed by country, SendGrid nevertheless produced a top 25 list of countries to which they send their emails in order to give us a picture of the behavior in terms of the most represented ISPs/webmails and the most used devices.

Here's the chart (feel free to click to see it larger):


Nothing surprising to note, except perhaps in Japan, which is the only country that uses the iPhone first and not Windows. In France, the main email providers are Gmail, followed by Hotmail, Orange, Yahoo! and Wanadoo (which SendGrid could have put away with Orange).

To read the full study, visit the SendGrid website.


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