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Goodsender of the week: Darty and its email notifications!

logo-dartyWell, okay, it's been several dozen weeks since I've written a "Badsender of the week" or a "Goodsender of the week" (and believe me, I'd love to have the time to do more). So you could say this is the Goodsender of the semester, but that's just to tell you that I'd like to do one every week. Anyway, back to the email!

Yesterday, I received a really nice email from Darty. Yes, you saw it right, Darty, the Weather Darty... I don't want to bore you with my life, but a few months ago, I bought a TV from them (and also a refrigerator), well, not from them, on their website. Since these purchases, I obviously receive newsletters regularly, but also emails from "Communauté d'entraide Darty".

And here I say BRAVO! Because as you may know, we at Badsender are big fans of notifications. If 50% of email marketing traffic could be replaced by targeted notifications, our market would probably be doing much better!

So, I come back to the "Darty Community". The principle is simple. When someone asks a question on the Darty community site about a product, the buyers of this product receive a notification allowing them to answer the question. The advantages of this type of mechanism are numerous. On the one hand, it creates a substitute for after-sales service. We cannot ask all the agents of an after-sales service to know by heart the whole range sold, on the other hand, the regular user of a product will be able to potentially answer a large number of questions.

Then, we are faced with a hyper-targeted and hyper-personalized communication! In this context, there is a good chance (we are not the authors, so we do not have the results) that these emails are well perceived by the recipients. It is a proof that the brand is interested in its customers, that it can be (at least in front) disinterested, ... in short, a good strategy to generate new purchases in the future.

What else could be optimized?

Obviously, since it does not exist, we do not achieve perfection with this email. First of all, when it is received in Gmail, it falls in the promotion tab and not in the notifications or social notifications. Several parameters could be optimized to try to achieve this result (we agree, it is not simple).

The graphic and HTML design could be improved. We would have liked to have a responsive and/or Gmail friendly email, it is not the case. There is a lot of texts inserted in images. The hierarchy of the information is not optimal (product not enough highlighted, no specific branding to the community, ...).

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

We also regret the use of domain names (sending, hosting images, landing, ...) not very logical from a deliverability point of view.

Last note, the concept seems to be managed by :

Feel free to read one of our previous articles on email notifications.

Identity card

Generic email information:

  • Subject of the email : A member of the BRANDT B3228HD group requests your attention
  • From :
  • Preheader : None
  • Router : SendGrid

Checklist :

  • Link to privacy : OK
  • Link to unsubscribe : OK (but only for communities, not for the whole Darty)
  • DKIM : OK
  • Text version : OK
  • Text to Image Ratio : OK
  • List-unsubscribe : KO
  • Friendly reply : OK
  • Mobile ready : KO

Screenshot of the email


The author

7 réponses

  1. funny ... because Darty, their usual router is usually Neolane

  2. Here they use a partner to manage this type of campaign. Hence the different router.

  3. 32 inches is a bit small to watch the euro ... 😉

    Anyway ... otherwise very interesting!
    Mistergooddeal also does this type of mail.
    Or how to make soap with the community 😉

  4. Indeed, a very nice initiative that seems at first glance to be selfless... a great example of Customer Engagement!
    That being said, isn't this a missed opportunity to push a personalized offer or offers?

  5. Is it really necessary to always think about the offer? Actions thought only for the engagement are also a good opportunity to reconcile consumers with the brands that address them... and to bet on a long-term profitability.

  6. I came across this article while searching for "spam community darty" on Google, which says a lot about my perception of the emails I receive from darty (yes, I wake up and am grumpy to see another one of these spams in my mailbox...)

    I'm sorry, but when I spend 2500 euros for a projector, I don't expect the seller to take me for a member of his team.

    I am unsubscribed from any Darty newsletter and have never asked to be subscribed to this community.

    You receive at least one email per purchased PRODUCT. You can unsubscribe for a given product ("I don't want to receive any more emails asking me for advice about...") but in this case, you will receive two days later an email like "hey cuckoo, we just created an account for you on the community, here is your password", which obviously requires a manual action to unsubscribe.

    For me, this is clearly a false good idea. As a regular buyer on the net, I hate buying experiences that lead to sending other than useful emails:

    * Order confirmation and invoice
    * Delivery tracking

    So I would rather classify these mails from the Darty community as badsenders.

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