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Email design for fun: Achile socks

It is by chance and a fortuitous maneuver that I suddenly found the site Fascinated by non-conformist socks, I rush headlong into my favorite search engine and ask for: "Socks. Men. Original". Once past and, my curiosity is titillated by Gosh! A name like this naturally presages the extraordinary, right?

However, I am not exclusively passionate about knee-highs: My great passion is emailing and email design (You can't invent passions like that...) The click makes me itch, tingles, I succumb and hop! So I subscribe to the newsletter. Soon, I would receive an email as high as the packshots of the site: quality!

A first opinion, cold, on this existing design?

Let me be clear: I am a little disappointed.'s communication remains basic, simple. In fact, the atmosphere of the newsletter has little to do with the crazy nights of Versailles. It would be more like a cheerful All Saints' evening...

Let's take advantage of this succulently calm afternoon to start dusting off these publications. We can't do it again, we have to do it again.

  • O joy! The preheader is very present. And far too long. The size of the specific typography of the preheader makes the text unreadable, and accessibility reduced.
  • The logo is subtitled with a flag "French made socks" with the spirit perhaps a little too... Franco-français.
  • The hierarchy of the information is not really defined, even if sets of colors and size of typography are tried.
  • The menu is composed of tabs in images (which remains a major hindrance for the optimal display of the email content).
  • The only Call to Action present in the email is hardly visible and is located low, but really low in the email...
  • The footer is not carefully formatted and the brand image is penalized.
  • There are no reinsurance blocks (although they are present on the site).

Hearts up! How about I grab my little pencils, brushes and Adobe suite? Come on, let's be serious... No need to be. Let's go for something new, something unique to the brand! Something that promises quality, emotion! Something that sells the sock of dreams and, at the same time, builds subscriber loyalty... Damn, it's a tough job!

Let's go for a new email design!

I'm going to rethink this emailing with flexibility, velocity, a shade of grenadine red, animal black and a shade of pewter grey. A new "Achile" spirit will be brought through pictograms now associated with the brand. The brush of inspiration tickles my pictorial fiber!

  • The preheader has been redesigned, more readable, and left-shifted to ensure a comfortable reading experience.
  • The logo is now minimalist but stands out more. The brand is thus really put forward.
  • New pictograms are appearing and are essential to any good communication: the icons of social networks on which the brand has agreed to communicate.
  • The menu is entirely designed in plain HTML for an always optimized display, without downloading images.
  • And that's precisely what brings us to the email cover! A work of typography size games, fat, highlighting, boxing, on raw HTML! Here too, the whole left side will be displayed without downloading any image. The main information is displayed immediately!
  • I took the opportunity to raise the cta and reduce the visual itself to more reasonable proportions.
  • An editorial is also born, with links to other sections of the site, texts in bold... A simple text, but which gives nevertheless this human side to the newsletter!
  • A major part of the redesign of the emailing lies in the footer and reassurance module: the information is organized, clear and readable. The pictograms speak immediately to the recipient and also bring a graphic side to the brand that, until now, lacked in its communication.
  • Finally, the legal notices are standardized in their formatting.

Of course, it goes without saying that an optimized email is an email... Responsive, silly! Even though I hate to impose myself, a sense of duty is not always a sense of modesty. I'll do my part!

What do you think about it? Your opinion! As long as I'm proven right, I'm open to all dialogues... Note: This email design redesign is in no way an order from the selected brand. It's really for fun 🙂

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