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Badsender announces partnerships with Selligent, IBM Silverpop, Actito and Mailjet

A few months ago, Badsender reaffirmed itself as aemailing and eCRM agency. It was a logical evolution of our consulting business, and given the success we've had, and the evolution of our team, we wanted to take it a step further by forging strategic partnerships with various leading platforms in the eCRM campaign management and email marketing.

The 4 partners we have chosen are :

  • Selligent Selligent is one of the most powerful platforms for linking customer and behavioral data in real time to deliver personalized messages to your customers and prospects.
  • IBM Silverpop : Bought in 2014 by IBM, Silverpop is making its debut in France this year. Still unknown here, the solution has proven itself across the Atlantic with brands such as AMD, Santander, Mazda, Yamaha and dozens more. Badsender will be present at the first stage of the IBM Silverpop roadshow in Lille on May 21.
  • Actito : A solution of Belgian origin and still unknown in France, Actito arrived in Paris at the end of 2014. We had the opportunity tointerview its French director. Since then, Actito has already managed to win several contracts with French advertisers (mainly in the retail sector). The solution is distinguished by a very strong capacity of customization to the requirements of the various business needs.
  • Mailjet Mailjet is a pure player in email marketing in France and has experienced strong growth in recent years in two areas: email marketing and transactional email. The solution is built on an API allowing to exploit all the functionalities of the platform.

Offering our clients a high level of expertise

Before selecting these partners, we analyzed all of the needs expressed by our customers when implementing and operating their eCRM and email marketing strategies. The selected solutions have proven their robustness, power and flexibility by serving thousands of customers worldwide.

All the members of our team are specialists in one or more of these platforms. We have established privileged contacts with them in order to remain permanently aware of the evolution of their products and to remain on the lookout for new functionalities to exploit.

Need help?

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Partnerships that do not close us to the rest of the market

We have made choices, but we are still open to other solutions on the market. For example, in the context of our "full service" offerWe already operate solutions outside our circle of partners, and our team can demonstrate expertise in more than a dozen different solutions. In the same vein, we won't be limiting ourselves to these partners in the shortlists we build as part of ourhelp in choosing eCRM and email marketing solutions.

In the coming months, we plan to expand our circle of partners to other solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us on this subject.

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