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Brief - HubExchange: Exacttarget launches a marketing application marketplace


Exacttarget has just opened HubExchange, a marketplace where marketers can add different marketing applications directly into its marketing platform. These applications are developed by Exacttarget, but also by partners like Litmus or even ClickMail.

There are currently more than 50 applications classified by category: Mobile, Social, Data, Ecommerce, ... There is for example a Magento connector, a Litmus integration, a Shopify integration, ...

From the press release:

Key benefits of the HubExchange include:
- Integration of the cross-channel dimension: the HubExchange enables the integration of different marketing applications to optimize the benefits of using customer data through a single, simple and intuitive interface;

- Optimization: by combining multiple applications into a single interface, marketers can define campaigns based on a combination of real-time data analysis;

- Technological innovation: by bringing together a wide range of marketing applications (web conferencing, event management, QRCode activation and Facebook retargetting) in the HubExchange, ExactTarget gives marketers access to the latest innovations in digital marketing;

AboutExactTarget Exacttarget is one of the world's leading email and relationship marketing companies. The company is present in North America, Europe, Australia and Latin America. ExactTarget provides services and support to companies that want to communicate via email, mobile and social media channels.

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