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News : Epsilon launches Agility Harmony, a new digital messaging platform

Epsilon announces the launch of a brand new digital messaging platform called Agility Harmony. This multi-channel platform remains mainly emailing oriented. It is designed to adapt to existing marketing and database management systems.


Here are the advantages put forward by Epsilon:

  • Optimized productivity and teamwork
  • Fast and accurate campaign targeting
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Exploitation of "Big Data
  • Preventive optimization of campaigns

Andrew Frawley, President of Epsilon:

"Agility Harmony is the first solution specifically designed to address all channels. It was developed with input from thousands of digital marketing professionals around the world. It is designed to help brands orchestrate their campaigns across existing channels, such as email, social media and mobile devices, and developed to evolve as new channels emerge. We look forward to offering such a solution to our clients to help them succeed and create a stronger connection with their customers."

Video presentation:

AboutEpsilon Epsilon is a company specializing in the construction of customer-centric marketing databases, as well as the modern multi-channel digital technologies needed to operate them (CRM). Founded in 1969, Epsilon works with over 2,000 customers worldwide and employs over 4,800 people in more than 60 offices worldwide. Epsilon is a member of the Alliance Data group.

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