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Big Data: Reality or Buzzword for the Digital Marketing World?


The term Big Data is certainly one of the Buzzword of 2011 that have been the most successful in the technophile sphere.

But what exactly is this term and especially what will it change for digital marketing specialists ?

More broadly, and after reading the excellent article by Scott Hardigree "A Look at Email Marketing's Future, as seen by an Email Agency"What will be the impact of the Big Data on the advent of the Digital Messaging ?


As with all recent concepts, Big Data does not yet have a widely accepted definition.

Wikipedia :

"... to designate data sets that become so big that they become difficult to work with with classic tools database management ..."

Another definition comes from an article published by Mike Loukides:

"... big data is when the size of the data itself becomes part of the problem ..."

For my part, I think that the concept of Big Data can be used in marketing when:

  • there are so many types of data collected that it is difficult to analyze them with the classical tools;
  • the number of sources by which these data are collected is constantly increasing and therefore to add complexity.

Big Data and Digital Marketing

This evolutionThe explosion of the mass of available data, has already changed the world of digital marketing. But if before this problem remained the prerogative of a few giants of the digital world like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and others, today, more and more actors will be concerned.

Nowadays, when you have a website, a incredible amount of data is collected in several different systems. The contents and products in a CMSThe statistics of the visits in a system of Web Analyticspayments at a payment provider email addresses and statistics of the newsletter at a Email routerFans and interactions at Facebook, IDTVRetargeting, ... and much more.

Some are already in the process of cross-reference this information to be able to use them more effectively, for example:

  • Identify visitors and save their visit history to modify the content of the site on their next visit;
  • Analyze visits to trigger automatic email campaigns;
  • Adapt in real time the content of the emails according to the interests marked by the Internet user;
  • ...

But this is only the beginning!

Decision automation: Digital Messaging and Big Data Intelligence

Where I believe the world will change profoundly in the coming years is in the creation of tools allowing to concentrate all this mass of data, to analyze and to take it into account for optimize the different types of messages that are offered to consumers.

It is also a reversal of trend. While today's marketer is crossing his fingers to communicate with his target as best as possible. We will see the emergence of a decentralization of decision making. This will no longer be based on a few models placed side by side but on a multitude of criteria constantly changing.

Buzzword ...

But today, apart from the giants, Big Data certainly remains a buzzword. It is certainly better focus on marketing decision automation and on the digital messaging than on Big Data which is only one parameter (even if it can become very important).

It's those who talk about it the least who eat it the most... 😉


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