E-mail Marketing: Where to follow the news and how to get information?

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There are a lot of sites and blogs that follow the news of the e-mail marketing world. In my RSS aggregator, I already have 54 different ones. Here are the essentials:

  • Email Marketing Reports If there were only one, Email Marketing Reports would be it. Mark Brownlow's articles are real gold mines to read very carefully. Always very thorough with many references.
  • Email Insider : Written collectively, this blog answers a very large number of questions. Given the diversity of the authors, the content is also very diverse. This gives you a very broad overview of the different topics that concern e-mail marketing.
  • ReturnPath ReturnPath is a specialist in deliverability, reputation and certification. The company has a blog on which its specialists write regularly. It is obviously about deliverability, reputation and certification but other topics are also discussed.
  • MailChimp The American router also has a blog, which often talks about its own services, but also very regularly gives general advice on the world of e-mail marketing.
  • Email Yogi This is also a collective blog written by 7 different contributors. The different topics of e-mail marketing are also discussed in a very detailed way.
  • And many others!

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  1. to make a site or a blog, it is the person who dot know on the advice of a pro. everything depends on the project

  2. I don't quite understand your comment. How can you know everything without being properly informed?

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