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Email marketing strategy training :

Give the keys to create effective emails

This emailing training will give you the keys to create more effective emailings, to correctly animate your active contact base, to set up triggers and indispensable scenarios in order to increase the relational dimension between your brand and your contacts. That's all there is to it.
email marketing training

The objectives of the training


Know how to write an effective emailing.


Animate your database via a mailing schedule.


Know how to prioritize the eCRM scenarios and marketing triggers to be implemented.


Identify, segment and reactivate inactive addresses.


Better personalize and segment your emails.


Decrease the feeling of mass communication and increase the relational dimension.


Understand why deliverability is the key to success.


Have the keys to increase the turnover of emailings and generate more clicks.


1350 Ask for the dates!
  • Participants from several companies gathered
  • Between 5 and 7 participants maximum
  • The possibility of making a training agreement
  • The provision of a digital support


Made to measure Whenever you want!
  • 7 participants maximum to ensure the possibility of quality interactions
  • The possibility of making a training agreement
  • The provision of a digital support
  • The possibility to customize the training

Get your professional training financed

Badsender is working in partnership with Dixer, a professional training organization. As such, our training courses are certified by Data Dock and labeled AFNOR. They can therefore be financed by your OPCO if you have less than 50 employees. If you wish to have your training financed, do not hesitate to ask us for a draft training agreement and to contact your Human Resources department or your OPCO.

The detailed program
of the training

The context of emailing

The importance of emailing in a multi-channel strategy / The legal context of data protection / The different types of emailing.

Understanding the issue of deliverability

The routing context of an email / The evolution of spam and filtering systems / Reputation / Authentication / Positive and negative signals.

Basic emailing best practices

Choose the right collection process / Clean up your database / Facilitate registration / Personalize and segment your emailings / Optimize the opening rate and the click rate / Control the commercial pressure / Simplify unsubscribing.

Design and write emailings

What approach to adopt in the design of an email / The organization and hierarchy of message blocks / The issue of the top of the message / The CTAs / The use of animated gifs and video.

Optimize your emailings

The importance of the trinomial: sender, subject, preheader / The importance of A/B Testing / The optimal time slot and day of sending.

Build an emailing/ecrm strategy

List the objectives and KPIs / List the different types of data available: declarative data, behavioral data, transactional data, internal data, external data... / List the available communication channels / Imagine the typical customer journey according to the life cycle / Create a sending schedule (Generating content: the basic energy) / Determine the triggers and scenarios that are essential and prioritize them according to the objectives.

Measuring performance

Key measurement indicators / The importance of the dissatisfaction rate / Which evolution indicators should be followed for the quarterly, semi-annual, annual reviews...

Routing solutions

Which solutions for which needs / How does it work with routers / The essential features / The features that can make the difference / The additional services offered (support, design, datamining, deliverability, interconnections with third-party tools...) / Tariff models.


Your trainer Marion Duchatelet.
Emailing and Multichannel CRM Consultant. Coming from a commercial background, Marion has been working for Cabestan for almost 10 years where she accompanied the evolution of the solution in terms of marketing and communication before becoming Marketing Director. After a two-year stint in a data agency, Marion now assists Badsender's clients in the evolution of their emailing and eCRM strategies. Our main objective? To give you the keys to create more efficient emailings. The training will also give you the means to optimize your strategy by having a clear vision of your areas of progress, better personalize and segment your communications and know which indicators to follow to optimize your performance. At Badsender, we use no less than 18 different campaign management solutions. Thanks to this asset, we help our clients choose the campaign management solution that best suits their needs, organization and budget. This training is intended for communication managers, project managers, marketing managers, webmasters, or emailing and eCRM campaign managers.

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