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Shaina Lebeau

Sample email: Shaina Lebeau


From: Shaina Lebeau
Subject: Newsletter des colibris
Preheader: nonexistent

Why this choice?

Because it's a small company doing the best it can, with no resources! As for the rest, yes, I'm off topic.

The quality of the images leaves something to be desired, the subject line lacks a clear hook, CTAs for each date would have been appreciated... but today I wanted to share a beginner's email, gentle, non-aggressive, non-impactful and yet still trying to show you that you are VIP. "Only for you hummingbirds".

The unprofessionalism of their communication and the naivety of their tone make me want to believe in the honesty of their message. That's my positive point!

This email was selected by Thomas Defossez