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Pierre & Vacances

Pierre & Vacances

Sample email: Pierre & Vacances


From: Pierre & Vacances
Subject: Your stay at Pierre & Vacances
Preheader: nonexistent

Why this choice?

I chose this email because it's a very interesting way of introducing the "pseudo-formular" principle in an email. After a stay in a Pierre & Vacances residence, I received this email in my inbox asking me to give my opinion of the vacation, and to choose a rating between 1 and 10. Behind each number is a variable in the url that allows you to "pre-designate" the destination form. This saves the user time in "filling in" the form.

However, I think it would be more interesting, to simplify the process and be sure of collecting information, to track independently the notes clicked, and simply thank the recipient at this stage as soon as they've clicked. Indeed, bringing up a form where a field has already been filled in is all well and good, but it still requires you to fill in other fields afterwards, or to validate your choice... And that takes a little longer. I'm not sure everyone will go through with it...

Having said that, I'd like to add that the sender's e-mail address leaves something to be desired. (it's hard to understand that this is really about Pierre & Vacances). As for the subject line, I "ll take the opportunity to make it a little more attractive, and make the recipient want to open the email. Something like: "So, how was your stay?" with, in the preheader, "Tell us everything, we want to improve!" for example?

This email was selected by Thomas Defossez