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Boku or the art of writing?!


Sample email: Boku or the art of writing?!

From: BOKU
Subject: Limited offer: 41% rebate on this pack?
Preheader: no preheader

Why this choice?

Hello, dear reader and porcelain enthusiast

What's Boku anyway?

It's an object that turns your toilet into a Japanese toilet with the little water jet. It's pretty environmentally friendly, and at Badsender you know we're all about green.

Why Boku email?

Because it's all in the writing!!!!
Already calling its product 'Boku' is quite a statement. So it plays the humor card to the hilt. Admittedly a little pee/poo, but with the product on offer, it's hard to do otherwise.
So we move on from the subject of butt cleaning with ease and dynamism. And frankly, it makes the product look nice and youthful, and you're bound to get a little smile and goodwill. How can writing in a humorous tone change everything?

The importance of writing and what it brings for Boku:

1- Attention-grabbing: Humor is a great way to grab the reader's attention right from the start. In the digital world, where people are constantly bombarded with information, a humorous approach can help to stand out and generate interest.

2- Creates an emotional connection: Humor can create an emotional connection with the reader. By associating positive emotions with your product or service, you reinforce the positive perception of your brand.

3- Lighten the mood: Commercial e-mails can sometimes tend to be too formal. Adding humorous elements can lighten the mood, make the message more accessible and lessen the perception of "hard sell".

4- Memorability : people tend to remember humorous messages more easily. If your email is funny, the reader will be more likely to remember your product or service when the need arises.

5- Humanize the brand: Humor can humanize your brand by showing that behind the commercial communication there are real people with a sense of humor. This can help establish a more personal connection.

6- Reduces resistance to advertising: Consumers are often skeptical about advertising. Humor can help reduce this resistance by creating a more relaxed atmosphere and showing that you don't take everything too seriously.

7- Encourages sharing: Humorous content is more likely to be shared on social media. If your email is funny enough, readers may be motivated to share it with their friends, extending your reach.


However, it's important to note that humor should be used with care. It should be appropriate for your target audience and not compromise the main message of your email. A subtle balance between humor and commercial content is essential to ensure that the message remains effective and professional.
As an aside, even if the word 'fion' is in the subject line, it's still perfectly deliverable.
I'll let you discover Boku's fabulous puns!

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