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Sample email: Darty


From: Darty
Item: Discover our bedding selection
Preheader : For a dreamy night's sleep

Why this choice?

For a single point: the title in the email cover, with dynamic time display. (although I'd be curious to see how it looks on ioS15 or gmail and image caching). As for the rest, I think there's a lot of room for improvement:

  • Why is the preheader visible? What does it add to the email?
  • The menu tabs are just as large or larger than all the text in the email. Why is this?
  • Text and the cover button are managed as images. Why is this? Perhaps because the phrase "Did you have sweet dreams?" changes according to the time of day (at least I hope it does), which probably explains this design choice... But the button?
  • The bed illustrations are heavy and don't provide any additional information. Wouldn't it be possible to plan the dimension choices as a filter system with a different url for the landing page? Or, as an emailgeeks challenge, change the content of the email according to the dimensions selected?
  • The product visuals are particularly small... And the product typology ("Mattress", "Umbrella bed"...) is in a color that doesn't provide sufficient contrast at all.
  • Floating" prices and discounts
  • The -60% discount banner at the bottom of the email is designed entirely in images. As a result, the text is very small and illegible...

Well, all that to say I'm going to redesign my email just for fun! 😀

This email was selected by Thomas Defossez