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Camif, I can't see a thing!

Sample email: Camif, I can't see a thing!


From: Camif
Objet : Nature, a bed with a reduced carbon footprint
Preheader: Made from wood sourced from French forests, the Nature bed has it all...

Why this choice?

Because right now, I'm looking for a mattress.

  • The subject line of the email caught my eye
  • The pre-header reinforced my curiosity.
  • So I opened the Camif email from my iPhone via the Mail application. And here's the disappointment: a all-image emailing. Splash.

Emailing Camif images not loaded by default

So of course alternative texts for images are all filled in and the labels are very neat.

By loading the images, the email is of course more readable, although it still doesn't fit my phone screen very well. I even have to zoom in to read some of the text. Sad.

Camif emailing once images are loaded

Camif is a certified B Corp. company. It is sincerely committed to an ecological approach, calculating its carbon footprint for years and carrying out life cycle analyses of its products. But beyond its environmental actions, Camif stands out in the marketing world for its courage: for the sixth year running, it has chosen to boycott Black Friday. In short, Camif truly embodies its mission at every level of the company, demonstrating that its objectives are not limited to the CSR department alone.

I know that emailing represents only a tiny fraction of their carbon footprint and that they must have many other priorities. Still, it's easy to align commitments with emailing practices.

Aligning commitments and emailing practices

  • Eco-designing an email that respects good accessibility practicesso that people with disabilities can read it without difficulty or stress.
  • According to their latest mission reportone of their objectives is to "inform, raise awareness and provide the means for responsible consumption" .
    • I would have found it very coherent to insert this kind of graphic (but adapted to email, so not in image format) to raise awareness their audience on the most carbon-intensive items in the manufacture of a bed. And draw a conclusion on the levers to be wary of as a consumer (such as same-day delivery, product end-of-life management, etc.).

Otherwise, a few other things that caught my eye

  • I'd like to know where Chantonnay is located in France.
  • It seems to me that there's a little "e" or "eq" missing next to CO2: it's -70 % CO2 equivalent. On the other hand, the source is clearly mentioned. #credibilite
  • The price of the bed appears in the secondary block, as the second argument. It's the lower carbon footprint than a bed made in China that appears as the main block of the email, and therefore as the first argument.
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