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Au Vieux Campeur

Au vieux campeur promotional email example

Sample email: Au Vieux Campeur


From: Alex du Vieux Campeur
Subject: Climb new horizons!
Preheader: All alpine gear at the "Vieux".

Why this choice?

In addition to the subject of mountains, climbing and mountaineering, it was above all the shape that motivated this choice.

Le Vieux Campeur has redesigned all its email communications. in early summer 2023. And it's fair to say that the "Old Man" had a long way to go. The new design is very clean and sober, giving way to text and visual content. A cover that sets the tone with a discreet overflow effect. An original product layout grid.

There is obviously a large proportion of "produced" content with a highly inspirational choice of iconography. Here, the choice is made to suggest the activity and the environment rather than a brand or a price and a promotion. Ambient photos make it easy to identify categories. That said, you'll also find plenty of room for "editorial" content with a guide related to the theme, as well as a block dedicated to the blog, community and social networks.

All served with a coherent editorial style and just the right amount of personal tone. Special mention for the shipping name and address, as well as the work on the object and preheader combo.

To quibble, it's a shame that some texts are still in images 😉

This email was selected by Olivier Fredon