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Customer case: SERGIC

Request a deliverability training and get a deliverability audit

Deliverability audit

Deliverability training


SERGIC is a company specialized inreal estate administration and in real estate services. SERGIC is more than 900 employees and 40 agencies in France. The main services are: Syndics of co-ownership, rental management and real estate sales.
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A request for deliverability training that turns into a mix of audit and training. This is often the best combo to train teams in deliverability while creating a clear roadmap.


Originally, SERGIC came to Badsender to train its teams in deliverability. The main objective was to gain knowledge, but also visibility regarding deliverability practices within the company.


We proposed to SERGIC to work on a mix between audit and training. The realization of a complete deliverability audit of the group's email activity allowed us to transmit our methodology and our deliverability toolbox. This allowed us to organize several workshops on different subjects in order to create a reflection on the deliverability practices and on the internal organization of the company. The restitution was carried out in the form of training in order to take the time to explain in depth the different concepts of deliverability and the level of importance of the points of the action plan.


"The audit carried out by Badsender allowed us to confirm our level of deliverability but above all, toidentify the different optimizations to be implemented. Because when it comes to deliverability, there is always room for improvement. Excellent feedback in any case, very complete and instructive auditThank you Badsender!" - Abdeljalil AZAKAK, CRM Manager, Sergic Group