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Case study: Mediapart

360° audit and carbon footprint calculation for email campaigns

360° Audit

Carbon footprint calculation


Mediapart is an independent, participatory digital news magazine, free of advertising and subsidies, which lives solely on the support of its readers.
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Mediapart's marketing team calls on Badsender to find out about carbon footprint of their marketing emails and editorial newsletters; to have an opinion on the HTML code quality level and accessibility email templates; get to know the impact of Apple Mail Privacy Protection on the definition of the "inactive emails" segment.


To calculate the carbon footprint of emailing, Badsender calls on We have combined our respective expertise (emailing and corporate carbon footprint calculations) to measure the number of tons of carbon emitted by an emailing strategy.


Badsender carried out a complete 360° emailing strategy audit: Analysis and feedback on campaign performance, with a focus on satisfied and dissatisfied click-through rates. Breakdown of stats by contact status and campaign type (marketing, newsletter, transactional, trigger). Opinions and recommendations on marketing pressure and definition of inactive emails Analysis of opening environments, time spent reading emails and impact of darkmode Analysis and recommendations on email design (focus on darkmode, accessibility and eco-design) Calculation of email campaign carbon footprint


Badsender delivered an ultra-complete deliverable with a list of recommendations applicable in the short, medium and long term.


"Thanks again for the audit and this great restit'!" Clara Cerdan, Webmarketing Product Manager at Mediapart