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Wikemail, the emailing bible

Compatriots (from email marketing),

This day is a great day. It is solemn. On June 6, 2019, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings. It was not our war... We were also launching on Twitter, that same day, a survey on the usefulness of a tool gathering all HTML/CSS hacks, tags, HTML attributes and CSS properties specific to l'email ".

This poll is now receiving 260 votes. The response was beyond our expectations. 78% of voters responded "Yes." to this question...

The conclusion is then simple: We had to develop this tool

In French (to support the French-speaking email geek community a bit more) and in English (to radiate internationally, let's not be afraid of the words).

This day, we offer you a first version of this tool, called Wikemail. You will find, first of all, some explanations on HTML tags to put in an email. But we will not stop there. No. This platform is meant to evolve. We will regularly add details on HTML attributes, CSS styles, hacks and tips specific to emailing coding, in-house developed tools...

In short, we hope that Wikemail will become your ally in your email marketing work. (did you see the twist on the original topic with the word "ally"? Classy, huh?).

We are open to any discussion, any evolution, any participation in this large-scale project. Do not hesitate to contact us! And of course, share massively around you. On social networks, on your blogs, sites, by email or sms... Do as you wish. We trust you. Caramel and strawberry tagada, we love you tater tots (we definitely could not conclude by being vulgar, it is against the rules).

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