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Animation and keyframes in email: Netflix, it's for you, it's free.


Halloween is approaching people, that's a fact!

For a few weeks now, I've been seeing a lot of ghosts, pumpkins and all that holy stuff! And then this morning, I received an email from Sendinblue, with a link to a creepy campaign about Annabelle (for All Saints' Day, there is nothing better). Then I said to myself that anyway, It would be nice if Badsender would also start to propose something for this so nice period.

But while we're at it, we might as well combine business with pleasure.

Let me explain: I'm a Netflix subscriber, and of course, I spend 10 minutes every night to find something to watch. And about ten days ago, I was intrigued by the new series : "The Haunting of Hill House. A killer, really (and sorry for the bad pun), that the master of horror Stephen King praised. And then I thought:

"Shit, Netflix emails, usually, it's more like killing themselvesBut I didn't see any of that..."

So you deduce that ?

I have undertaken to mix the subjects and kill six birds with one stone: basically, I would like to propose a Netflix mail on this series (we are thus well on the theme of the horror and the horror) while reviewing some techniques that are still a little risky, hesitant, and incipient in the field of email marketing. And the 1st mail I propose to you, my good people, coded in a good number of hours anyway, tries the :

Animations and keyframes in emailing

You want to see what it looks like? It's over here.

And test results you might ask? Well, that's good, we have a small share to the Litmus Builder

I don't expect the support to be terrible, but I don't really care... It's also the principle of testing, of experimenting. The goal is also to have fun! Don't hesitate to test on your email addresses, to find out more about the support on physical devices, it's still the best way to test. Let's be clear: the idea is not at all to advertise Netflix (they don't need that by the way). But I realize that the media field has a percentage of viewing on mobile and iOS probably much more considerable than others (this is probably a misconception, but that's my reasoning)and in this case, I believe that we can try things that we don't dare to do. not try elsewhere...

So, in this proposal, I risk on:

  • An exotic typeface (Roboto, from the Google Font anyway, I'm not crazy)
  • Hover and transition on cta (it's light, but it's there)
  • Minimalism (I feel like Robert Morris)
  • Animation and keyframes.
  • Gradients in CSS (it's not flag', and yet!)

So don't look for an animated gif, it's closed on Sundays! Netflix regularly puts a little animated gif at the top of the email, a simulacrum (not in the pejorative sense) video to promote a new series, movie or program. I think it's important to think out of the box a little bit, and allow yourself to dare! The idea is to create effects that simulate video, with a single image and CSS animations. To give you a glimpse of what it will look like, here's a little screenshot:

Email Netflix - The Haunting of Hill House

And as a spoiler, it's because Steven dropped the trash can in episode 5... AAHHHH AAAAAAAAHHHHH, GO TO THE METRO SATANAAAAAASSSSS!!!

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