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Submit your application to test our engagement scoring tool

We are looking for some volunteers to finalize the launch of a new service that will allow you to optimize the relevance of your email marketing campaigns and boost their performance. In concrete terms, our new tool allows you to better understand the behavior of each contact in your database and to assign them an engagement score.

The benefits of our engagement scoring:

  • Identify contacts who are at risk of becoming inactive and gradually detaching from your brand
  • Identify the types of content that are most relevant to each of your contacts or that generate dissatisfaction
  • Extend the life of your contacts
  • Optimize your acquisition costs by detecting the most relevant sources with the best return on investment
  • Identify the most active contacts in order to turn them into ambassadors
  • Optimize the frequency of your email marketing campaigns by customer type

This scoring can be imported into your database to optimize the qualification of your contacts and to be used in your segmentation models and triggers.

Our scoring model will also allow you to study the behavior of your contacts by newsletter type, by device, according to your segments and many other parameters configured according to your needs and your target.

Update: We have our 4 testers, but...

If you are still interested in our tool, do not hesitate to fill out the form!

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