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No-reply ? When email marketing is not a one-way street!

There are sometimes persistent practices whose origin is not really known. And the use of in the creation of newsletters and other email communications is just one example.


Most of the time, the field From of commercial emails is made up of addresses of this type It is a practice that is dictated by deliverability requirementsThe domain name of the From should be the server that sends the e-mail.

Use of No-reply in the From or Reply-to field

This From field is often accompanied by its fellow traveler, the Reply-to field. And it is often in this field that we meet theinfamous No-Reply !

Why not use a no-reply address?

L'Email Marketing must be a dialogue with your subscribers. If they want to get in touch with you, they should be able to do so in the easiest way possible. And nothing is more natural than to answer an e-mail. In the age of social networks and Web 2.0, the conversation is the focus of attention. The same is true in theemailing. What's the point of putting buttons Facebook in every corner if it is not even possible to answer an email.

Often, companies that have an e-mail marketing program also have a website with a contact page. So why not put theemail address of your customer support in the Reply-to field of your emails?

So, a good tip, stop to Noreply !

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  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I have to admit that I half agree with you.
    Putting a single address as sender risks creating a receptacle for all the requests of various orders and therefore not being processed efficiently (let's remain realistic/fatalist ;-)).

    The ideal solution is to use an automatic generic address that will automatically generate a reply to all the answers with a direct link to all the services according to my request. This allows the customer to be redirected directly to the right department that will be able to respond without delay.



  2. Hello Cedric,

    I understand that depending on the type of structure, it is not possible to answer everyone.

    But what you explain to me is already far from a no-reply address that effectively returns nothing.

    It is also possible to combine the two. With a personalized response when relevant and an automatic response when sufficient. A quick scan is all it takes to sort it out.

    But it's true, it takes energy.


    P.s. I often reply to newsletters when I find errors, and it's always nice to receive a human answer a few minutes later.

  3. Hi

    What is the point of noreply?

    To avoid being insulted when sending newsletters, you might as well put a noreply; that's the point! because too many people check newsletters and or don't pay attention when signing up! and don't want to unsubscribe (or don't look for it=assistance) and insult when receiving news.

  4. Hello, not wrong at the same time for a big box that can prevent that the commercial newsletters fall on answers with personal data!

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