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Badsender's eCRM workshops:

Inspire you to stop being a "Bad Sender".

With its eCRM workshops, Badsender wants to give you enough inspiration to make your projects come true. Thus, you will have the opportunity to explore during a whole day all the opportunities offered by eCRM channels applied to your business.
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The course of the...

Our eCRM workshops.


Starting from a blank sheet of paper: The basics of your business.

As marketers, we all have very clear objectives set by our management. But in the heat of the moment, we often lose sight of these objectives because of a rhythm that is often too high, forcing us to act in a constant hurry. The objective of this workshop is to take a step back. And to take a step back, it is important to reformulate some of the objectives that are considered obvious. What is my company's business model? Is it evolving? How are other companies in my industry evolving? How do we make money today? And tomorrow, will it change?

The birth, life, and death of my clients: between glory and despair.

We will try to to put ourselves in the skin of 2 or 3 of your typical customers (persona). What are the obstacles, the moments of doubt, the moments of excitement they face when they search, test, buy (the first and subsequent times) your products? What are their decisions based on?

Data: List, map, enumerate...

You have a lot of data! Sometimes directly usable. Others you would never think of. Some generated by your prospects/customers. Others generated by your products/services... But also a lot of data that comes from elsewhere and that could be an incredible source of creativity for your marketing programs.

eCRM channels! It's electronic and it's ultra-customizable.

No, eCRM is not just about email. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of (nor control) of all the channels that can be used to personalize the user's experience. We will try to define precisely the list of channels available in your company and to what level they can be exploited: SMS, email, web personalization, mobile notifications, mobile applications, custom audience on Facebook, a paper router (yes, really)...

Engage your customers and prospects.

"One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all and into the darkness bind them." This is the creative phase of the day (and the one that will take us the most time)! Based on the first 4 steps, we will define the different paths to be created in your company in order to d'automate your marketing programs and improve your customers' experience. We will go as far as possible within the time limit to inspire you so that you come away from this day with many new ideas. Concrete, result-oriented and feasible ideas.



In practice?


We prefer a neutral and pleasant place to work without distraction and without interruption (even in-company we will try to go "green"). The eCRM workshop will come to your city according to your needs (everywhere in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg).


We limit the number of participants to a maximum of 4 in order to be able to exchange ideas without interrupting each other. Inter-company or intra, as you wish. In inter-company mode, 4 brainstormers from different sectors (so as not to be afraid to speak). We offer sessions dedicated to B2C and others to B2B.

A day in analog mode.

There will be no (at all) long Powerpoint presentations. No internet connection either! (but we're not going to stop you from checking your email during breaks). We will only need a whiteboard (and a camera to have some memories of our doodles). As well as large leaves (and colored markers). Plan for rested brains (and boiling) !

Prices and confidentiality.

550 euros (excl. VAT) per participant (group price possible in intra-company). A non-disclosure agreement will be signed by all participants to ensure the confidentiality of the information exchanged.

Enrich the user experience and automate your marketing.
Here are two goals that are often put on the table. While it's relatively easy to see the benefits you could gain (reduce the time spent on production and increase the time dedicated to reflection for example) it is not always easy to take action. So go ahead! It's now or never, sign up for our workshops!

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