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Our team of specialists can manage all eCRM channels and synchronize data between your information systems and your campaign management platform. We're big on marketing automation!
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Marketing automation


This analysis will allow us to put in place a plan full deployment that will integrate all project dependencies. At the end of this analysis, we will be able to establish a concrete program and estimate the duration of the different phases of the marketing automation deployment.

Synchronization of data.

Without data, it is not possible to deploy your marketing programs. It is therefore a crucial step to ensure that all triggers, automations and campaigns you plan to use can be effectively deployed.

03.Design of messages and design elements.

In parallel with data management, the different templates and messages must be designed to be ready for use.

04. template and campaign configuration.

This is the most important step in your deployment. The campaign scenarios for the different channels will be configured in your campaign management tool by our eCRM specialists.

05.tests and training of teams.

The testing of the different deployments is the right time to train your teams. This will allow us to present the developments made and to make the last necessary adjustments with them.

06. production start-up.

Progressively, the different programs are put into production. We monitor to make sure everything is running smoothly. Especially with regard to monitoring the deliverability of your emails during the warmup phase.


And in practice...

How does that translate?

  1. We organize a weekly update with your project manager directly in your offices.
  2. Then, we ensure a permanent availability of the different members of the team in charge of the deployment, via collaborative work tools set up by Badsender (Skype, Trello, Toggl...)
  3. Also, we document all our actions, whether directly in the campaign management tool or in the programming code. And above all, within a complete documentation that is an extension of the analysis that will have been carried out.
  4. We are flexible. We adapt to changes in priority that you may experience during the execution of the deployment.
Our goal is to act as an extension of your internal teams during the marketing automation project.
Often, your teams don't have the time to perform these tasks that are outside of their normal routine. They then deduct the resources needed to manage their daily tasks. When we talk about the different eCRM channels, we are talking about push channels such as email, SMS or mobile notifications, but also pull channels: such as forms and visitor behavior, via the integration of data from analytics (abandoned cart, personalization based on the visit) or your CMS (list of products...)And we are here! We are waiting for you!

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