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Litmus Live 2018, we were there!

In the world of email marketing, there are a few events that are the equivalent of an X-wing ride for a Star Wars fan. In these events, the most important one is probably Litmus Live, and Badsender was there!

So a few weeks ago, Thomas and I went to Litmus Live in London, which is the only European edition of the event. There are two others: One on the US West Coast in San Francisco and one on the East Coast in Boston.
For the few who follow this blog and who do not know Litmus, it is an American company founded in 2005 that allows testing the rendering of HTML code on a large panel of email clients. Over time, the offer has expanded to include a spam test, advanced statistical analysis of emails, a tool for creating HTML code, ...
The rendering test tool being, at the time, practically unique on the market, the company became a reference and took advantage of this notoriety to share its knowledge on the technology relating to emails; whether it is concerning the various quirks of HTML code or in the study of the design and the ergonomics of emails. The Litmus forum also benefits from a very responsive community.
It is in this spirit that the annual " Litmus Live "A few years ago.

This year's version was a one-day event that was divided into several conferences/workshops, each one (almost) more interesting than the other. As the conferences were mostly held in pairs in parallel, it is important to check the agenda beforehand to know how to organize your day.
The topics covered were multiple: the innovations in terms of technology in HTML possibilities (accessibility, interactivity, ...), the different techniques and good marketing practicesthe team management in an emailing (or other) project, the optimization of its workflow, ...

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The marketing conferences were for the most part very interesting, generally insisting on the fact that good practices are paramount as well as working in a qualitative for responsible marketing and relevant in the long term. Topics included Psychology for email performance ", " multilingual email management ", ...
The conferences on new coding techniques were very impressive, with amazing technical demos: a complete form managed in the email or a video rendering based only on background images. Unfortunately, the techniques presented are still poorly supported (who said Microsoft?) and their implementation involves many hours of development, which makes them very expensive. As always, it is important to know your audience (to know if the reading environments will support these techniques) and to calculate its ROI (to know if the implementation of these techniques has a real added value).
In any case, these conferences and the workshop discussions with the various speakers were very enriching.

Beyond its professional facet, the event was animated with a light tone, many notes of humor, and the meetings with the speakers allowed to ask questions in " face-to-face "and to reinforce the human side. In short, an excellent day, both on a human and professional level. I came back with great T-shirts and Thomas with selfies of his favorite stars :-). Now it's up to Badsender to learn and master the new techniques and technologies presented!

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