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More than a month without publications! But what's going on?

It all started with the cancellation of episode 2 of our video trainings (we're going to do it, I promise!), then it's the drama... accumulation of good ideas left as post-it notes on the wall on the right of my desk! And then, nothing. One month that it lasts, not a single article on this blog, not a single newsletter, ... Is there something wrong with Badsender?

Uhhh, actually, not at all 😀 We're all in good shape, but this May has just been a whirlwind. We've been doing lots of emails, lots of audits, lots of campaigns... and as a result, we haven't seen the time fly by.

But don't worry, I know that Thomas is working on a new article, I know that Sébastien has to reread two that are already prepared, and for my part ... it's done today, even if I agree that it's not the most useful article of the year.

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

No, but otherwise, what's new at Badsender?

  • We have (again this year) realized all the emails of Roland Garros (another little push and it's over)
  • From improvements to our email builder (speed of image resizing, new features of the gallery, translation corrections, ...)
  • A superb participation to the EMDAY 2017, with lots of very interesting meetings (we will publish soon the deliverability matrix realized on this occasion)
  • A new Badsender relay on the Swiss market (we will try to tell you about it soon)
  • The official installation of the main office of Badsender in the "midi
  • A new permanent contract signed
  • ... and a lot of other stuff (but we can't tell you everything).

See you soon!

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