En vrac, l’emailing cette semaine : Chaque email est un email de réactivation

Why every email you send is a reactivation message

Keeping your email subscribers engaged over the long-haul is one of the biggest challenges for email marketers. Inevitably opens, clicks and transactions tail off over time as the initial novelty of joining your list starts to wane, and acquiring new subscribers can be costly. That’s why reactivation programs have long been employed to try and reduce long-term subscriber apathy and ultimately, list churn. They take a number of different approaches, from the bold ultimatums aimed at keeping mailing lists lean and mean “click now, or you’re off the list” through to softer “did we do something wrong?” messages which offer a survey, discount or other incentive to tempt people back.

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L’EMDAY 2014 est fini,un grand merci et rendez-vous pour l’EMDAY 2015

Un grand merci à vous tous d’être venus aussi nombreux à cet événement de l’année pour le milieu de l’emailing à savoir l’EMDAY 🙂 J’ai eu le grand plaisir d’animer le fil rouge cette année, malgré tout le stress que cela représente de passer derrière Jonathan et ses badsenders 😉 A regarder le livetweet et les #emday2014, vous avez aimé vous aussi. Certains tweets étaient bien balancés 🙂 J’adore ce rendez-vous et depuis le début où Régis de Clic et Site m’en à parlé, j’ai adhéré. Pourquoi ? Parce que c’est pas un salon, l’esprit est plus causerie autour d’un barbecue. Il n’y a pas une approche commerciale agressive de la part des gens présents.

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Why junk mail deserves to go into the junk mail folder

We’ve all been there, you get an email from a company but are not exactly sure why. I’m not talking about some funky segmentation or broad-brush promotional email – I mean an obvious ‘what were they thinking?’ In a quest to increase their interaction with consumers some brands have been relentlessly pushing two types of campaigns. The first campaign is a random, ‘what the heck were they thinking?’ In this campaign you receive an email with an offer that is not at all connected to anything you have ever done with that brand. In fact, it is so random that it makes you wonder if they even bothered to look at your past transactions or purchases.

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