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If you're reading this page, we probably have a lot in common: passionate about the digital world, and in particular about everything related to email marketing. God knows that the subject is vast.

It's a good thing we're always looking for ways to expand our network of consultants partners !

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Working together

Never walk alone
Your clients require services that involve a broad spectrum of skills. Others may want to broaden the scope of what is possible with complementary and additional services to the ones you bring them to date.
Joining the Badsender community means having access to resources and experts capable of supporting you.
Conversely, Badsender also has the opportunity to work on different missions in various sectors of activity: we regularly need support to provide them with a service that is done quickly and well!
Working together
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Wanna be a Rock Star ?

Join the community, get to know each other and work together! Becoming a recognized expert or being at the top of a subject requires a lot of time for research, testing, staying informed, publishing, participating on social networks...

Gain a reputation!
By joining our community you can publish on our blog and have a quality exhibitionshare with our experts to go faster and further, save time and add a good dose of fun to it all.
The house that makes you crazy!

Finally, you too have this business fiber that vibrates in you, and you know how much time and energy the administrative, legal and operational dimension can take you...

Badsender is a well established structure since many years.
We have put in place tools and an entire infrastructure to handle all that boring part of billing, contracting, etc... So why continue to waste time or your evenings and weekends on these subjects that you are as passionate about as we are?
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Let's bring our talents together!
We realized that there were talents and experts in email marketing, but that everyone was working in his corner. It seems obvious to us that we need to offer customers a 360° service around emailing rather than independent actions. That's why we came together around Badsender. Come and discuss your project with us!

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