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I've got a buddy in communications

Sample email: I've got a buddy in communications


Sender: I've got a buddy in communications
(I have a buddy in communications)
Subject: Guide to the different categories of influencers: who to choose?
Preheader: N/A

Why this choice?

Twice-weekly newsletter

Editorial side

Here's an e-mail that matches my reading speed - in full send mode - a few seconds and I've done the trick. Mostly concise headlines, a few very concise sentences. You've done the trick in a few seconds, and can quickly select the content you want to know more about.

It's a welcome change from long-winded news stories in which the editors want to say it all, show it all...
A newsletter proposes, invites and, above all, is a quick read.

Design side

Nothing fancy, simple and clean. The emphasis is on legibility and recognition of the sender's identity. light is right.

This email was selected by Pierre Jarrige