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Design System Email White Paper

Ensure consistent emails and produce them faster.

You would like to implement a system that allows you to produce emails much faster, with consistent graphics, and without errors. And you're looking for how? This white paper on Design System Email will probably help you.

This white paper is currently only available in French. If you have a question on the subject of this white paper, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why an email design system?

"We help you design a repository. With increasingly short production times and demanding quality expectations, email design is now a daunting task. A Design System Email as a single source of truth will help you meet these requirements."


In this issue

Summary of our White Paper on Design System Email

  • Introduction
  • Definition of a Design System
    • Definition of a Design System Email
  • Setting up
    • For whom?
    • When?
    • For what?
    • And then
  • Components and their classification
    • Atomic Design
    • The atoms
    • The molecules
    • The organizations
    • The Templates
    • The "Pages" or rather, the emails
  • Components and their uses
    • The standards
    • Recommendations
    • The guidelines
    • Writing
    • The classics of a Design System Email
    • To go further
  • Iterations and Maintainability
    • Test, test, test. And test.
    • Updates
  • The tools
    • To draw
    • To model
    • To code
    • To centralize and share
    • To assemble
  • Appendices and resources

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