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eCRM Choice White Paper

How to choose the right eCRM and/or emailing solution?

Your goal in changing your campaign management tool is most likely to activate your customers and prospects from your CRM database. But you are not sure if you need an email router, a marketing automation solution, an eCRM campaign management tool, a CDP, a marketing cloud, a DMP... We help you to understand these terminologies and to detect where your needs lie.

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We organized more than 40 hours of demos and interviews with 12 French market players

"And we will perform an update every year... For our internal needs (when writing specifications, for example) we have built an analysis grid containing more than 150 criteria divided into 9 categories (general company information, customer type, business model, solution administration, data management, activation and channels, deliverability, automation, analytics, connectors and APIs)."




Presentation Foreword Benchmark The strengths of the different solutions Badsender helps you to choose your eCRM solution! Define your needs! To what extent do you need to be autonomous in handling the tool? Which channels do you want to activate? What automated scenarios do you want to deploy? What data do you need for your eCRM strategy? What are your message personalization needs? What statistical reporting do you need to measure your emailing/eCRM strategy? Summarize your needs and shortlist! Thanks

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