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White Paper Statistics Analysis

How to measure your email strategy?

Sending email campaigns is something that companies usually do quite easily. But measuring the results of its campaigns is a point often less well treated. Badsender publishes this white paper to guide you in the implementation of 10 key reports that will help you really measure your emailing strategy.

This white paper is currently only available in French. If you have a question on the subject of this white paper, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Statistical performance: measure and analyze

"When you ask a marketer if they have any idea how their campaigns are performing, they often brush it off. Why? Because most marketing campaign management tools offer a "per campaign" view of results. Whereas a real analysis requires, first of all, to compile stats by campaign typology and by product type. Then, to break down the results according to targets and contact status. And, finally, to compare them with the previous period. Marketers often end up extracting the raw results into an excel spreadsheet and create the dashboards they want themselves thanks to the great "Pivot Table" feature."


In this issue

Table of Contents of our White Paper on Statistical Analysis

  • Performance indicators: from open rate to conversion
  • Interpret the dissatisfaction rate
  • Produce recurring reports:
    • Volume of emails sent and number of campaigns
    • Openings and clicks, in volume
    • Unsubscribers, by volume
    • Dissatisfaction, in rate
    • Conversions
    • Breakdown by message type
    • Breakdown by type of audience
    • Ventilation by... anything interesting!
  • Carry out an optimization plan
  • About us

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