In incognito mode...

Badsender in white label.

The departure of one of your employees, a morning off or a world tour? No need to panic, we provide white label interim services for your email needs (production, deliverability, strategy...) for a few weeks or a few months! Our credo at Badsender is agility so we adapt!
White label emailing

Email services...

White label.



Ensure the targeting and sending of your emailing campaigns: at Badsender, we know most email routing tools and solutions on the marketso no worries!


Integrate your campaigns or use your email builder : It's the same thing!


Analyze the stats, re-launching campaigns, making recos.


Monitor deliverabilitythe monitorto solve the problems...

Your tools

We use your tools, without necessarily needing trainingsWe know plenty of them!

Your organization

Your processes, your way of doing things... In short, your habits! A true chameleon, you'll feel like we've been part of your team forever. We take into account your organization!

Our expertise

We add our expertise, with the idea of making you more competent, of course!

Your timing

You tell us STOP as soon as you have found that special someone. You tell us ENCORE if needed! Two words, very simple to remember. We can intervene remotely or in your premises.

We are ready to work for your emails, in white label... And when you want us to.
Telecommuting (what we do since the beginning at 100%, we are precursors)in your offices... We will respect your habits and blend in! We're going to be great, don't worry... We'll make ourselves small, but with our great experience and knowledge. You see me, you don't see me anymore...

We are hot to work hard!