Agitators of emailing and eCRM expertise.

Badsender is a group of email marketing and eCRM enthusiasts whose leitmotiv is to share their expertise, knowledge, thoughts and findings on key emailing topics.

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Our emailing expertise at the service of YOUR PERFORMANCE.


Our emailing expertise at the service of THE COMMUNITY.

Email Builder.

The Boss at the service of the production of YOUR EMAILS.

They believe in us.

They believe in our emailing expertise!

And why not? Hmmm? What makes you think they would be wrong? Would you dare to tell them to their face once?

A community of consultants.

Email and eCRM freaks.

We have decided to continue in this direction and to set up a real network of consultants specialized in emailing and eCRM. Be sure, you will find what you are looking for with our professionals.

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Among our values...

The transfer of skills.

Even if our activity has evolved, we have always wanted to keep the transfer of knowledge as a fundamental value of our organization. For this reason, working with Badsender means ensure that see your skills grow. Our job is not to make ourselves indispensable, but on the contrary, to help you grow and become autonomous.

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