Webinar! Data and marketing performance: collection, analysis and exploitation to make your campaigns a success

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SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, September 10 at 10 a.m.
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As you know, we are quite familiar with the different marketing campaign management tools (by the way, we have a benchmark/white paper on market routing tools).

So with Cheetah Digital,

we had the idea to organize a webinar on data collection.

Why this theme?
At the time of our consulting missionsWe see that our clients are facing similar issues. With these issues come a lot of questions.
During the webinar, we will address all the issues and answer the questions that come with them!

1st issue: increase the volume of opt-in email addresses.

The accumulated number of contacts who unsubscribe as the emailings are sent, represents a significant volume at the end of the year. (despite an average unsubscribe rate that is quite acceptable, below 0.5%),
It is therefore necessary to fill the bathtub regularly to maintain (or even increase) a volume of contactable addresses.
How to do it?
We often talk about animation of contests, co-registration... Which mechanics to use to obtain quality email addresses? (By quality, I mean addresses that are committed enough to open and click on your newsletters and promotional emails).

2nd issue: collect the interests of the profiles in order to personalize the offers.

The objective here is to collect interests in order to personalize the offers sent by email. How do you determine which areas of interest to detect? How to collect them as the relationship progresses? Are there any mechanics that allow you to go fast so that we don't have to wait 18-24 months before we can exploit these interests?
In other words, " I have a rotten completion rate in the center of interest, I can't do anything with it. What can I do to speed up the pace?

3rd issue: exploit and analyze the freshly collected data.

What do I do with my new contacts once collected? How do I integrate my interests into my segmentation and personalization strategy? How do I fit all this into my mailing schedule? What precautions should I take to avoid damaging my reputation? How do I analyze the potential of my new profiles?

A webinar to share our expertise

We give you an appointment on Thursday, September 10 at 10 a.m. for a webinar entitled: " Data and marketing performance: their collection, analysis and exploitation to make your campaigns a success

 On the program: 

  • Examples of mechanics at different key stages of the customer lifecycle
  • What data should you collect to make your campaigns effective?
  • How to analyze and adapt your campaigns to boost their performance? 
  • What are the deliverability essentials that will help you reach your inbox?

To register : it's over here!

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