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Dynamically customize your marketing strategy

That's it, it's here! All beautiful, all new! We didn't communicate about it until now (and even before)It's going to be a bit of a bombshell, we tell you: we've published a guide soberly entitled "Personalize your marketing strategy with dynamic content". To optimize your marketing strategy with content personalization!

Marketing strategy ? Content personalization? But what is it really about?

It speaks of war and peace marketing strategy and content personalization. End of story. Actually no, it's a bit more complex than that: You've probably already wondered if it's possible to adapt the content of your website(s), landing page(s), email(s), form(s), pop-up(s) according to the profile, tastes or interests of your audience... Something like this "If an urban female in her thirties visits my website, can I offer her more suitable products than if she were a rural male in her sixties?

Even if you didn't phrase it exactly that way, it's the kind of problem that every marketer would want to be able to answer. Good news! With this guide, you'll be accompanied and find great tracks! You'll even be able to wedge in a piece of easy furniture!

And what is it about?

Well, in concrete terms, it talks aboutcontent automationor the possibility of adapting the content according to the interests of your contacts and web visitors. And we rely on concrete examples to better illustrate our points: Netflix, Amazon, Google... They all do it, so why not you, little rascal? And if dynamic content personalization is well exploited, communications will not be perceived as automatically generated, but as totally natural and personalized. Neither seen nor heard!

"74% of online consumers say they are frustrated by websites where the content offered (offers, advertisements, promotions...) is irrelevant to their interests."

Online personal experience study, Janrain

It is time to become aware of the power of the funk of automation. Static content is out. Capital is screwed. Fifth, it's ruined. The PC, it's over. The consumer society, it's all over, it's gone. The cars, gone. (and if you tell me in the comments where this quote comes from, I'll offer you this guide, even though I'm told in my ear that it's actually free).

And if you ever need a accompaniment physical, remote or not, for your marketing strategy, we have Marion Duchatelet and Jonathan Loriaux within our team of crazy people who will be happy to call you back by phone or correspond by email, and to help you, because they are generous, they love what they do, and when you love, you don't count (nothing to see, only son).

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