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This crazy project... a book on HTML integration for email!


When Thomas told me about his plans to write a white paper on HTML email integration during 2018, I didn't think that, three months later, he would have already written more than 100 pages! Nor did I imagine that some time later, I would be writing the introduction to a book, a real one, edited by a real publisher, with paper pages, and a real cover!

L'HTML integration of e-mails is a subject that, from the outside, may seem extremely small. However, in the production chain of an e-mail marketing campaign, it is a step that can radically change the game (mostly in a bad way, it doesn't take much to make a campaign explode in flight) and whose specificities are all too often neglected. In fact, this is the most frequently outsourced stepwhether by the advertisers themselves (the internal web studio "when it exists" often not wanting to bother with HTML integration of e-mails) as by the agencies (which makes the project management chain complex to manage because of the numerous back and forth between the stakeholders).

If HTML integration is perceived as "prehistoric" by the modern HTML integrator, perhaps it is indeed better to entrust this step to an experienced integrator. But we often see the opposite and it's unfortunate! This is the ambition of this book, namely transmit our experience to all the brave integrators (whether they are budding or not) who have decided to tackle e-mail.

Between a learning manual and a reference guide

In this book, you will find a contextualization of the integrator's role in the email production chain (it is bibi who stuck to it)but above all a support to learn how to develop in HTML for email and a good reference to keep on your desk in case of memory lapse. Let's face it, it seems essential to have some basic HTML skills to get started! After reading, the integration of an email will not have (almost) no more secrets for you!

The chapters of the book

Even though the book originates from the white paper you can find on this site, it has been expanded by several chapters... And anyway, the existing chapters have also been expanded. Only bonus! As an outline is better than a long speech 😉

  • HTML integration, the essential link
  • HTML e-mail integration
  • E-mails for mobiles
  • Content to be used with caution
  • Content not to be used
  • Topics of contention
  • Email clients and operating systems
  • Study of a concrete case
  • The philosophy of the HTML e-mail integrator
  • The tools
  • Ways to optimize an emailing campaign

The authors

Thomas Defossez

Thomas started his career as an emailing integrator at Experian before creating his own web agency. Since 2013, Thomas has been collaborating on various projects at Badsender and since 2017 has become an employee of the structure. Today, he is the main ambassador of email design and email integration at Badsender. Thomas also animates training on HTML emailing integration.

Jonathan Loriaux

Jonathan has been active for more than 12 years in the field of emailing and eCRM, his career started on the technical side (research and development, campaign integration...) before moving into sales as an eCRM expert, and finally into marketing consulting. Jonathan hosts training on email deliverability.

Where to find the book?

Already, with its full title, it will be easier: "Emailing: Development and integration".

The book is available in all good creameries, including the one in our publisher Eyrollesbut also on Amazon, à FNAC, at Culturaat the guys from the north... just about everywhere!

If you buy it, don't hesitate to come and tell us what you think!

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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