#24daysofmail: How about doing a good deed by talking about email marketing?

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Thomas definitely likes advent calendars ! So much so that recently when he posted this on Twitter ...

...A few hours later, he tweeted this:

...And that a few days later, he gave birth to this:

Motivated man, especially since he did everything from A to Z with his little hands, design, site, collection of articles, publication of articles ... And even the com' around the project.

Well, okay, but what are these 24 days of email REALLY about?

The 24 Days of Email is inspired by another initiative called the 24 days of web (an initiative carried by someone not really unknown in the email world)which is itself inspired by 24ways.org.

The idea is to create an advent calendar in the form of 24 articles published one by one over the first 24 days of December. Again, the idea is to give visibility to a good cause and to encourage readers to make a donation.

Support the Green Santas of Secours Populaire

The Green Santas allow young and old to celebrate Christmas with dignity... Even if it is not easy for them. In this festive period, it seemed to us to be a beautiful initiative, so we decided that the 24 days of email would support Secours Populaire this year.

Already 11 articles published!

To come back to the contents, we are already at 11 published (normal, we took a little delay to make this announcement on the site of Badsender!). And there is everything, predictive marketing, deliverability, email integration, BIMI... Here is the complete list of articles already published:

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