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SparkPost acquires eDataSource


SparkPost announced on October 29 that it had acquired eDataSourcea solution specialized in deliverability and email reputation monitoring.

In its press release, SparkPost announces that the combination of the two solutions will lead to better inbox placement as well as better statistics.

SparkPost is the owner of PowerMTA, which equips the servers of a majority of routing solutions in the world, even if this name is still little known in France. PowerMTA is also used by many companies that have internalized their routing. Among the campaign management solutions that use PowerMTA, we can mention Mailchimp, CheetahDigital or Emarsys. SparkPost was formerly known as Message System, editor of the Momentum solution. SparkPost has now massively turned to the cloud and sends emails from large platforms such as Pinterest or Twitter.

For its part, eDataSource presents itself as an email intelligence solution. This solution, which is not very present in France (at least for the advertiser), offers various deliverability monitoring services. We can compare it to some services offered by ReturnPath or 250ok.

As we see every month, the email marketing industry continues to shrink. While the names Sparkpost and eDataSource may not ring a bell to most marketers, there is a very significant movement taking place here in the routing infrastructure of much of our email marketing. SparkPost is undoubtedly the "technical" leader of email marketing in the world, whether it is through its cloud solutions that equip more and more MarTech platforms, or PowerMTA which continues to be very present in the routing infrastructure.

It's not insignificant that SparkPost is merging with eDataSource. Marketing solution owners can't do without deliverability monitoringSo here we have a fully integrated solution. It will be interesting to watch the reactions of 250ok (which is growing in the last few months and was a SparkPost partner) and ReturnPath (which has just been bought out by Validity).

To read the SparkPost press release, it's here.

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