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Delivrability, HTML for email, Email Marketing: 3 trainings scheduled in November in Paris!


Let's go ! In November, Badsender organizes no less than 3 trainings on different topics related to our specialty: email marketing!

Training " The basics of email marketing

Where? Paris, near Les Halles

When? November 6 and 7, 2018

What? During 2 days, you will receive the keys to design more effective emailings, to animate your contact list, to implement triggers and automated scenarios... The training will give you the means to improve your strategy, to have a clear vision of your axes of progress, to better personalize and segment your communications and to know which indicators to follow to optimize your performances.

With whom? Marion Duchatelet Bajeux, Emailing and CRM consultant Multi-channel. Coming from a commercial background, Marion has been working for Cabestan for almost 10 years, where she accompanied the evolution of the solution in terms of marketing and communication before becoming Marketing Director. After a two-year stint in a data agency, Marion now assists Badsender's clients in the evolution of their emailing and eCRM strategies.

The complete program of the emailing training

Email deliverability training

Where? Paris, near Les Halles

When? November 13, 2018

What? During one day, Sébastien Fischer will teach you everything you need to know about email deliverability, what are the specificities of each webmail and ISP, how to solve a block, how reputation is measured by anti-spam filters, ...

With whom? Sébastien Fischer, Deliverability ConsultantSébastien has a long history in the world of email marketing and email deliverability in France. He started his career at SmartFocus (Emailvision at the time) as a campaign manager before quickly moving into deliverability. He then joined Neolane as a deliverability consultant (now Adobe Campaign) where he was able to work on major accounts (Yves Rocher, Sony Entertainment, Cdiscount, Nespresso, EMI, 3Suisses) and in 2013 became deliverability manager at Cabestan. Since July 2016, Sébastien is the main deliverability consultant at Badsender. He accompanies our clients on deliverability audit, monitoring and coaching missions.

The complete program of the deliverability training

Coding in HTML for email" training

Where? Paris, near Les Halles

When? November 20 and 21, 2018

What? Thomas Defossez will teach you the art of coding emails in HTML while respecting the specificities of this channel. At the end of the training, you will be able to integrate a responsive email that takes into account the particularities of different email clients and webmails.

With whom? Thomas Defossez, Email designer and specialist in HTML integration for email Thomas started his career as an emailing integrator at Experian before creating his own web agency. Since 2013, Thomas has been collaborating on various projects at Badsender and since 2017 has become an employee of the structure. Today, he is the main ambassador of email design and email integration at Badsender.

The complete program of the HTML for email training

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    The link to the HTML training program is not correct.
    This refers to the "Email Marketing Basics" training.

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