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Brief - Return Path 2017 Barometer - 20% of branded emails don't reach their destination!


The inbox placement rate seems to be stabilizing around 80% globally. France is down slightly from 2016, with 82%.

Return Pathannounced the findings from its 2017 Deliverability Barometer. It reveals that only 80% of legitimate commercial emails were delivered to consumers' inboxes while the remaining emails (20%) ended up in the spam folder or were blocked.

Even though deliverability increased by one point in 2017 (2015 and 2017 had 79% emails delivered), the significant share of messages that still don't reach users' inboxes demonstrates that brands continue to miss opportunities to generate revenue and build closer relationships with their subscribers through the email channel.

A few words from George Bilbrey, President of Return Path:

"Email remains the most popular and effective communication channel for marketers. However, email providers are applying more and more sophisticated algorithms to deliver essentially the content preferred by their subscribers. It is essential to do everything possible to optimize email performance.

In the U.S., marketers are below the international average with an average placement rate of only 77% (compared to 73% in 2016). In France, on the other hand, marketers managed to achieve an average placement rate of 82%, still 2 points lower than in 2016.

Other study findings include:

  • The top performers in the study are Canada and Australia, with a record placement of 90% (up one point from 2016).
  • Most European countries exceed the global average placement rate, with France and Spain at 82% and the UK at 84%. Only Germany is below with an average placement rate of 79%.
  • The best performing sectors are Banking & Finance (94%), Retail (92%) and Tourism (90%).

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